Cathodic Protection Systems and Repairs

(null)How Cathodic Protection Works:

Cathodic protection is the process in which corrosion of metal surfaces is reduced by making the surface a cathode of a electrochemical cell. In simple terms corrosion is redirected to another more easily corroded metal object instead of your utility infrastructure.



What Should Be Protected?

Cathodic Protection Systems by Coast Mobile Utilities prevents corrosion on all metal objects. In mobile or manufactured home parks and communities it is mostly utilized in underground piping, but can also help add years to metal sheds and storage building or even rain gutters.


Cathodic Protection Systems by Coast Mobile Utilities

With over 20 years of experience extending the useful life of mobile home park infrastructure through out the west, Coast Mobile Utilities has the technological know how to keep your park’s utilities running smoothly for years. Each of our technicians have been trained to identify and fix or prevent problems before they happen. This saves the mobile home park or community association thousands of dollars and ensures a safe, worry free community.