Meter Change-Out

ac-250-gasmeterMeter Change-Outs for Mobile Home Parks

Coast Mobile Utilities is your best source for Meter Change-outs in the Western United States. We help manufactured or mobile home parks change out broken old meters for the latest models. We specialize in 10% meter change outs of the entire park as required by law in some states.

20 Years Experience

Our years of working in mobile home parks through out the west has equipped Coast Mobile Utilities with the knowledge necessary to complete your meter change out project on time and on budget. We have outstanding references and testimonials available from manufactured home park managers and owners in our service area.

Local Knowledge

Local Codes and Regulations, Local Building Materials, Local Environments. These three factors are very important when picking a utilities contractor for your mobile home park meter change out. Our local code and regulation knowledge ensures that your meter change out project meet or exceed all current codes and regulations.

Driven by Safety

Safety is always a priority with Coast Mobile Utilities. Our certified technicians are trained in the latest safety procedures and products. Despite these precautions our meter change outs are still performed with a minimum of utility shut down time.

Smart Meters

We install and service the latest generation of smart meters. These economical meters often allow residents to be eligible for rate discounts and rebates from utility companies